Saturday, August 26, 2017

It Started with a Sketch

Inspiration comes at the oddest times and so often from things I see every day.  My recent Goddess hand embroidery was inspired by a favorite Goddess figurine by Abby Willowroot.  You may have seen or perhaps even own one of these figurines yourself.

While lying down resting after a busy afternoon I was admiring the statue across from where I was lying when the thought came to sketch the statue so I pulled out my sketchbook and pencil and started to sketch.
When I was done I was happy with what I had put to paper and couldn't help but admire my addition of stars and the labyrinth like spiral head, after all the figurine does have a spiral on the other side.
Once the sketch was done I turned it here and there and decided it would look great done as an embroidery so I scanned the photo and then printed it onto my favorite stitch and wash away product.
Stitching was slow going at first my fingers were still sore from the work I did on the Summer of Love piece.
I made progress each time I picked up the piece to work on and before I knew it I was getting ready to stitch the moon.
I decided to use DMC satin floss for the moon I was a bit apprehensive at first using the stain floss but it stitched up nicely.
Here she is completely stitched using a variegated blue for the body and the spiral, I left off the stars and reversed the two moons on the sides of the tree trunk.
 I still have the corners of the cloth I want to embroider I'm just not sure what I want to do so for now I'll give it some thought and eventually I will have the corners done, or I may just cut her out and applique her to another piece of fabric.