Sunday, February 1, 2015

Have a warm and happy Imbolc and Blessed Brigid's Day

A few things coming off the embroidery needle, and the beginning quilt class I am taking is proving to be a good idea for me.  I have always pieced my quilts by hand which is a long process of tracing the template pieces, adding a 1/4" stitch line, then the tediuos often days long adventure of cutting the pieces with scissors.  The class eliminates all that, with the precise cutting of strips and squares with a rotary cutter and a grid type ruler or two the pieces come together in a flash.
week one
homework week one
I was sick last week so it wasn't until mid-week when I began to feel better that I did the 3 blocks above, and not without incident, midway through the sewing my bobbin jammed and over and over again for an hour. I was clear headed though very tired on Friday afternoon but I did make it to class and stitched a the next set of blocks
week two
While stitching along the first 4 blocks no problem then the machine bobbin jammed, thankful it didn't take an hour to get back to stithing.  This baffles  me because the machine is only two years old, and I just started to use it on a regular basis in October, for another class I was taking. I will give it another go, I have to redo a few pieces and put together our homework blocks, if the machine keeps jamming I may just buy a new machine or pull out the beast, my 43 year old Kenmore.
wonky pieces to redo
I don't mind having to redo the above pieces while taking the photos I decided I don't like the color choices for the block.
I mentioned above I have other items off the embroidery needle, here is a few stitches made during the Joyful Embellishments stitch along I did this week on my crazy quilt block
Since I don't work with ribbon embroidery yet I made lazy daisy with a french knot stitch, here I like
the tree like look of the feather stitch and here we stacked the feather stitches, I will use this stacked look again, maybe make a seascape block.

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