Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Progress on Greenman #2 embroidery

Greenman #2
The Greenman #2 hand embroidery piece just off the lightbox and waiting for stitching, the Celtic knots on each corner
Celtic Knot 
I decided to crayon tint the piece to add some interest to the stitching, I've added some darker greens around the mouth when I noticed how yellow it appeared in the photo.
crayon tint
The first stitches have been added and I am rethinking the entire piece
Stitching begins
The outline stitches of the piece are done now to tackle each leaf and the acorns which resemble pinecones, the lines were added before I decided to crayon tint to make them stand out among the leaves.
Greenman #2 in progress
For me the Greenman represents Spring, gardening and life in general, whenever I see a Greenman whether as a piece of jewelry or a garden ornament, a printed tee shirt or a quilt I just think Spring.

My favorite Greenman pendant from 1992, this embroidery may have been inspired by the pendant
Back in 1999 I was taking a pottery class at the local adult education center where my love with clay first emerged along with hand built pottery.
My first greenman piece was very flat but to me still held a certain charm and became a test piece with glaze, firing and making pottery in general.
Test piece
A few weeks later I my first Greenman piece emerged from the kiln after the last firing and I was overjoyed.

Greenman One
I would go on to create and sell several more of these pottery pieces, none of them were as special as this first piece I made in 2000 just in time for Spring.  I have an itch to get my hands back into some pottery clay again and you can be sure there will be a greenman in a kiln once again.

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