Sunday, August 30, 2015

A little time on the beach and an stitchy update.

As August rapidly comes to an end and the summer not too far behind I took a few days away from all things stitchy to spend some much needed time at the seashore.

This most recent destination was to St. Augustine Beach, one of Floridas many beaches. Last Friday was a perfect beach day, blue skies, a cool breeze coming in off the ocean, lots of sand, shells and rocks to explore.
upon the rocks
Don't you just love a beach with big boulders to climb over and peek into, like this little cavern of stone.
little cave
The beach wsn't the only sights to see, while driving through the streets I came across this lovely Art on a fence.
fence art
the other end of the fence
There were also some lovely homes to admire, none more interesting then this castle which was well hidden behind vegetation and a strong metal fence, not exactly a home but a lovely landmark just the same, this is Castle Otis I added the link below for more detatil.
Castle Otis
castle close up
Castle Otis link
I love the beach, it is where I head whenever I need a break from the real world or to just be with my own thoughts.  I can sit or walk for endless hours just watching the waves roll in, listening to the gulls and picking up a few of natures gifts offered up by the sea.

gifts from the sea
I have made a little more progress on the potting shed block for the Hocuspocusville quilt.  I am in no hurry to complete, in fact now that all the blocks are traced onto fabric I think of these as my go to blocks when I need a change in what I am working on.
block one
One last look at the beach, I would love to capture this in fabric or threads some day.

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  1. What great boulders on the beach up there in St. Augustine. We just have flat sandy beaches down here, lined with condominiums. I live three miles away from the beach, and haven't been there in years.

    That's an interesting castle. Not part of the old St. Augustine, but a neat history. I bet it is very peaceful there.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady