Sunday, October 4, 2015

This and that

Well my plan was to post a witch photo a day, however things rarely go as planned.  Todays photo is a sweet hat for a Hedgewitch don't you think?
and even though I wasn't able to post on Friday or Saturday, here are the photos for the second and third of October
oct. 2
Oct. 3
I spent a few hours outside in my garden yesterday clearing away the over grown weeds since the day began cool and the sun didn't make an appearance until late in the afternoon it was a good time to get some much needed yard work done.

It was easy for things to get so out of control, I didn't bother with a garden over the Spring of 2015 too many losses last year and just didn't have the heart for it, soil will be tested once again this week and I do have the plants in pots so not a total loss. The 3 new bamboo plants are thriving and while clearing away weeds I pulled up the old oregano and cut back my 2 rosemary plants. I still have more to do and with the cooler temps it shouldn't take too much to get things in order.

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