Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What I am working on this month

Winter has finally arrived to central Florida this week with brisk cool mornings and chilly afternoons and today sunshine instead of those dismal gray clouds that have been hanging over us nearly all last week.

With the New Year in full swing I have a few new projects I am working on for the coming year, I joined an online quilt challenge, Project 48 Quilt and have made the first block for this mysterious quilt.
This is the Churn Dash block and somehow the center piece of the block is just not working for me but I'm going to leave it for now, this was machine pieced.  I am going to make a hand pieced block too.

I am still hand embroidering the Hocuspocusville Quilt, I am currently stitching block number 4 out of 12.
I am also working this Celtic knot Triple Moon hand embroidery piece, I'm using a new product so I don't have to trace the piece, Stitch and Wash Away, it works well enough, doesn't make the needle sticky the only drawback is it pulls away from the fabric so nect time I will baste it down.

I joined a few new reading challenges for 2016, I did well with last year's challenges so I thought I'd try again.
For the I Love Libraries challenge currently I am reading: 

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