Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What I have been doing so far this month.

Time is moving so quickly,  it seems just yesterday I was turning the page on the calendar and here we are ten days into the month.

Last weekend I attended the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire in Gainesville, its been a few years since I attended the Faire so I was curious to see what was new and I have to say despite the cold gray day and muddy grounds the Faire was well attended.  In fact, the gray, cold misty day had many fair goers commenting it was like being in England which was cool since this year the theme was King Arthur. I didn't bring my camera so I don't have a single photo to post.

There were several new vendors in the marketplace, I love browsing the vendors almost as much as I like watching a good jousting match.  One vendor was selling herbs and such, when I walked buy the most intoxicating scent drew me back, the price was great at $2.00 per cup or three cups for $5.00, I purchased a cup each of lavendar, rose buds and heather. I haven't taken them out of the bag and the entire area where the bag is stashed has a lovely aroma of flowers.

On Friday the day before the medieval fair I attend the Busy Bees of Belleview Quilt Show, always  lovely display of quilts and this year in keeping with the theme there were some lovely vintage quilts on display.
Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam
show label
Dresden Plate
I love the old traditional quilt patterns the Fan and Dresden plate are two of my favorite quilt patterns. The one disappointment was the absence of any vendor booths, aside from a scissor vendor and the guild boutique there was one quilt shop represented. Half the fun of attending a quilt show is browsing the vendor stalls to see whats new in the quilting world.

I did win a door prize this nifty new ruler and I did manage to buy two books from the guild boutique
my door prize
I have completed the hand emboridery on block number 4 and have made good progress on block five of the Hocuspocusville Quilt.
block 5 in progress
block 4
Block 5 is coming along faster that I thought considering the size of the block  I guess its all the straight lines on the house.
Well thats about all I have been up to this month so far, there are other Renaissance and Medieval Fairs coming up in the next few weeks I'll try to remember the camera.

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