Monday, June 6, 2016

Week two Goddess

FOr week two if the 13 Goddesses in 13 Weeks challenge I have finished my Baba Yaga which would have been my first goddess if my iron didn't choose to stop heating at the time I was ready to heat set the crayon tinting.
She is hand embroidered and crayon tinted on white on white print cotton fabric.  Here are some interesting bits on Baba Yaga the ‘old woman’ of autumn was called Baba by the Slavic inhabitants of eastern Europe, Boba by the Lithuanians. This seasonal divinity lived in the last sheaf of grain harvested in a year, and the woman who bound it would bear a child that year. Baba passed into Russian folk legend as the awesome Baba Yaga, a witchlike woman who rowed through the air in a mortar, using a pestle for Her oar, sweeping the traces of Her flight from the air with a broom.

The challenge guidelines can be found here  as well as more Goddesses and links to see what other bloggers are creating.

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