Saturday, November 26, 2016

A new project to stitch

As a creator of Goddess related projects I am always on the look out for Goddess related artist and creations, I love hand crafted items related to the goddess and paganism in general so this past summer I took part in the 13 Goddess challenge and posted my first of several creations starting with this post:  I did all of my creations in hand embroidery and while I didn't do all 13 goddesses I am happy with the few I did make.

While I was doing some goddess research for an upcoming project I came across Brigids Grove website which this link will take you to . While browsing the site I came across an interesting activity offered in the Creative Spirit Circle, How to create a Calamoondala.  I am eager to get started and decided to try my hand at making mine in hand embroidery, I'm not sure how this will work out but I am going to use the templates offered so I can try my hand using fabric and embroidery floss.

Here is a look at the first Calamoondala I will embroider, I am using the stitch and wash away product to make things a bit neater.
centering on fabric
The stitch and wash away fabric adheres to the fabric I like to use a spray adhesive to make sure the product stays put because I have had it lift off when moving the embroidery hoop around.
ready to stitch
The second template has many more goddesses I love the overall mandala look of the piece. I am using white on white print fabric in 100% cotton, and I'll be using cotton embroidery floss.
getting ready to center
Once I complete the hand embroidery the fabric will be cut into a larger circular piece or I will applique it onto another circular piece of fabric.  Yikes! I just had another idea making my Calamoondala as an overall applique though with my applique skills that may take  me until 2018, so for now hand embroidery will do. Now its time to select the colors of floss for both pieces.
centered and ready for stitching
What is a Calamoondala quite simply a circle moon mandala calendar created by Molly Remer.  I can tell you though there is nothing simple about these lovely templates as soon as I seen them I was so inspired to get creating.

If you love goddess goods check out the Etsy shop  the pieces are just beautiful.

I plan to post my progress on both pieces weekly as time allows. With this being the holiday season and having several online retail shops that may not always be possible but I will make the effort.

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