Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer Begins

The month of June has just flown by in a flash, our weather has turned to our rainy season and with it the stifling humidity has made breathing a little labored.  My morning walks have begun earlier and some days moved to the gym rather than the park.

While the temperatures rise outdoors I find myself spending more time inside,  in addition to getting some letters written I've had time to visit the library for a few books to read which I can add to my reading challenges. 

I have a few crafty projects underway after making several Greenman embroidery pieces I thought it time to try a Greenwoman piece and came away with a lovely pattern.
 I began my current project knowing I wanted to use floss with herbal and greenery names so I was off to my local needlework shop.  I found what I was looking for in Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Arts flosses,
I love the colors but the floss does tend to knot which had me using shorter lengths of floss and yet it still tangles.   So I am taking my time and giving a whole new meaning to slow stitching.

My progress so far, I decided to once again go with the amber for the eyes and used a variegated floss DMC 111, the acorns are both done in brown shades of DMC floss.

I also finished a between the main projects piece, it was a free pattern from the DMC Stitch A Long Facebook group.
 I experiments with this piece leaving loose ends of floss as part of her hair, I like the effect and want to use it again on a future project.

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