Saturday, May 2, 2015

Little blue amulet bag completed

A few weeks ago I began to crochet the purple amulet bag in the bottom corner using blue crochet thread
purple bag with button pattern
It has been a few years since I worked with cotton crochet cotton and steel hook size 6, my eyes struggled to see the loops and my fingers stiffened as I held the hook, it was a slow start just making the first row on the chain stitches, but I managed 4 rows and it only took me about an hour, I won't say how many times I had to unravel it all.
I brought it along to a Thread Therapy group meeting and managed to put in quite a few stitches in a few hours.
I would be getting ready to begin the flap piece when I put it aside to work on a few other projects. It was a challenge to see and my eyes would tear up after about 20 minutes.  Then one day a few weeks ago I was sorting my yarn and fabric bins and mistakenly packed it in one of the bins and for the life of me I could not recall what I did with it.

Then yesterday while climing up the 232 steps of the Devils Millhopper Sinkhole I remembered where it was.
going down was easy
Well I just put in the final stitches and sewed on the button and I can confidently say it looks very much like the photo in the pattern book.
The bag measures a scant 2x3 inches
I think next time I will string beads on the thread and make it a beaded bag and I plan to change the flap just a bit.
I plan to do a light blocking on the bag, there are several other amulet bag patterns in the booklet I would like to make using these threads, the silver metallic thread has sequins which may give it an interesting look.
green, light purple, silver sequins
Blue Amulet Bag
the climb out not so easy.