Saturday, May 9, 2015

What I have been stitching this week.

I am putting the final stitches in the Greenman #2 piece then I'm on to the four Celtic knots in the corners, I am loving this project but can't wait to be done I need a break from all the green.
While posting this photo I noticed I didn't crayon tint the corner knots, I wasn't sure how I wanted to finish them.
 I said I wanted a break from green and here I have another green project started this one is another small amulet bag.
I have another Goddess piece to start and a few new hand embroidery projects to put on the light box so I can have a few different pieces to work.
Yesterday I placed an order with Crabapple Hill and Bird Brain Designs for a few patterns, floss and size 8 perle cotton thread, I like one stop shopping so I don't have to wander all over the state looking for this thread or that one.  Many of the Crabapple Hill patterns use Cosmo floss, there isn't a shop nearby that sells this brand, except for the quilt shop which only carries colors to a specific pattern available for a class or pattern and the conversion charts are not always dependable either you need to use 4 colors to 1 or there is no conversion for a particular color.  I don't want to work that hard to stitch a project.  Sure I could use my own color choices but lately I like the overall piece when I use the floss called for on the pattern supply list.

These are the books I am reading this week, both were mentioned to my by a friend and I thought I
would give them a read, both are y authors I have never read so they will count on my new authors to read goal. New, as in authors I have never read.

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