Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A new pattern, some stitching and an unexpected surprise.

I have added another wonderful Crab-apple Hill Studios hand embroidery pattern to my growing collection of not only Crab-apple Hill patterns but Witch themed patterns as well.
This is the first panel in a series of 3 featuring the members of the Salem Witches Quilt Guild.  As soon as the first sketch was posted on the Crab-apple Hill facebook page I knew I was going to buy this pattern and couldn't wait for it to be released. Here is a link to the facebook page have a look.

And here is the link to the Crab-apple Hill website just in case you want to have a look around.

I am making good progress on the second block of my Hocuspocusville hand embroidery and should
have the stitching completed in the next day or two depending on whether my fingers are still too sore from all the stitching I did yesterday.

Do you ever find yourself lost in the words of a book you liked? I just finished this wonderful story and here I am hours later still feeling the effects the words had on me such an unexpected surprise.
The author's descriptions of the foods, mainly the cooking, prep work, and eating seem to have seeped beneath my skin, I have always view food as fuel for the body and nothing more, yet while reading the book I could almost taste the words.

I have read many books dealing with cooking, foods, spices, herbs etc. yet this book moved me beyond the words, I felt something shift within me while I was reading and now I feel a sense of calm and a sense of saddness...interesting for sure so I am going to check out another book by the author, the Lost Art of Mixing to see what effect it may have, if any.  Perhaps my mood was just ripe for a change.

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