Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Two magical little blessings for Imbolc

The wheel of the year is turning toward light, the sun gaining strength through the lengthening days. The festival of Imbolc, in early Febuary, marks the birth of lambs, the thawing of streams, and the first stirrings of Spring.

I do quite a bit of projects with fabric so I thought I would share two little blessings with you.

A tradition of hanging a piece cloth (prayer flag) from a tree for Brigid to bless as she passes by on her day. I hung my prayer flag in a tree, where the sun and wind can lift the words to the spirits, who now and then need to be fed by our praise and thanks. The words were simple as they spiraled across the cloth, in the end asking just one simple thing:
May we be blessed, and through our lives, Bless.

On midwinter’s eve (Imbolc) place a piece of linen or cloth outside. It is said that on this night Brigid travels all over the land and if she sees this cloth she will bless it and give it healing powers you can use this blessing: Let the cloth of life be mended. Let the thread be linked again, restored, cleansed - the forests growing, native plants in field and fen. Let the cloth of life, in beauty, be restored by will to be. People with the plants and creatures, tending earth and sky and sea.

Brigid's Cross hand embroidered
Spring is right around the corner so I'll be clearing and cleaning the garden over the next few days to get ready for spring planting.  Living in Florida allows for an earlier planting time and this year I'd like to get in the garden since I have been feeling healthy.

Wishing all of you a warm and wonderful Imbolc.

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