Sunday, February 26, 2017

Greenman hand embroidery progress

My progress on the newest Greenman hand embroidery is coming along at a slower pace then I had anticipated, it seems February has been a month of restlessness for me with a little busy tucked in to.
And on top of it all I was hit with a nasty bug this week that had me in bed for most of the week part of which I fought a high fever and bouts of nausea I could live without.

So far today is the second day I'm fever free so hope I'm on the upswing, last year at this time I was laid low for 7 weeks I just don't need a repeat of that.

Here is the progress of my newest Green Man embroidery in the snap frame and waiting for stitching
 the hand embroidery underway
I am using DMC embroidery floss throughout, 2 strands of thread most are variegated
When I got to this point in my progress(above pic) I wasn't sure I liked the look so I put my work aside for a nearly a week to rethink the pattern.
I mixed single strands from two different skeins to change things up a bit so I have a little of brown in the mix of greens which you can see best in the photo below where I'm working the bottom corner.
 I changed to the circular hoop which makes working the edges easier, the thickness of the Q-snap frame tends to get in the way. When I was once again happy with the overall pattern I picked up my work and began the corner leaves and stitching continues.

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