Sunday, March 19, 2017

Frosty Weather before Spring, Garden Update and a Sneak Peek at my Next Project

The hand embroidery on the newest Greenman piece is completed, now I need to decide whether I want to make a wall hanging or frame him.  The blank spaces on the sides were left so I can add fabric leaves to the piece as I planned when designing this piece.
The weather was quite cold last week with our usual before Spring freeze where the temps dropped to 28 and 32 a few nights. I'm happy to say I was paying attention to the weather reports thanks to updates and covered my plants to protect them from the cold for a few days.
pots gathered under sheets
smaller pots under the table
I uncovered everything yesterday afternoon and moved the plants into the sunshine I'll now in a few days if anything was damaged.
soaking up the warm sunshine
Here is a Sneak Peek at an upcoming project I have in the works, this is a design created for a friend by request and I do hope she will like the finished piece.  Each fragment is from an earlier work of mine and will be combined together to form the full picture. 
horns or driftwood?
leaves or duck foot prints?
spiral shell or leaf unfurling?
Keep watching my blog as I post updates on my progress and the final project when its completed.

4 elements charms
About a week ago I ordered some new elemental charms for a few upcoming jewelry pieces I have in mind they arrived Friday afternoon but I was so busy I didn't have time to look at them until this morning. I'm quite happy with all of the charms and all of them are sterling silver.
I may use a few of the charms on the Elemental Goddess embroidery piece I made a few weeks ago, I have an idea or two floating around my head right now so check back to see what I decide to do.
One last thing the tomato plant is full of fruits despite the deep freeze so I'm hoping no damage appears in the next few days.
and more tomatoes

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