Wednesday, January 10, 2018

First book of 2018 read

I finished reading The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman today, this is the first book I have read in 2018 and the first book for the Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge I signed up for this year.
The Rules of Magic focuses on Franny, Jet, and their brother Vincent. All coming of age and discovering their ancestry as the descendants of Maria Owens.

As the siblings grow older they struggle with the curse. Some try to push love away while others accept it wholeheartedly no matter what tragedy it may bring. Is it easier for them to fight who they are or deny it completely. Will it save them from the curse of their family. Ultimately, they learn that love can be more powerful than they could ever imagine, especially when it comes to their bond.

The magic, of course, is a founding part of the story, though it doesn’t overshadow the characters at all. I liked how it never seemed exploited or became too witchy. There was a real sense of realism here, these were just people struggling to find their place in life like anyone else, they just happened to have some extraordinary powers to help.

This novel was, dare I say it, spell-binding. It’s a wonderful story about family, magic, loss, and most importantly love.
Side note the Autumn 2017 issue of Faerie Magazine was the Practical Magic issue and if you didn't want to read the new book or reread Practical Magic you certainly did after paging through the Autumn issue. 

I had pre-ordered the book weeks before it's release with plans to begin reading it right after Samhain unfortunately I was feeling under the weather and hit with the flu a few days later that would last 3 long weeks so I put the books aside until I felt better, by then we were in the holiday season and my Ebay and Amazon stores kept me busy till the new year.  The Rules of Magic dare I say it, is spell-binding and sets the perfect stage for the events of Practical Magic.

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