Monday, December 22, 2014

A little stitch project

I have finally squeezed in some time to trace the Celtic knot pattern onto the fabric for my next hand embroidery project.
I was going to use the crayon tint technique I learned in October but this is a busy time of year and I barely had time to trace the pattern between packing, shipping and drop offs at the post office, so I'm just going to stitch it, I need something to unwind with in the evenings and this may due the trick.  Its a good piece to practice my stitching on.

I enrolled in an upcoming Crazy Quilt class held at the Crones' Cradle Conserve here in north central Florida, I am looking forward to a day long workshop full of stitchery, surrounded by other quilters.
It's a great way to start the New Year off crafting.

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