Saturday, July 11, 2015

Preparing for some witchy stitching

Today is one of those days where everything comes together and I can spend a few hours, if not the entire day indulging in some me time.

I am anxious to get some hand stitching on the Hocuspocusville blocks started so today I managed to trace 3 of the blocks.
potting shed
bubble and brew
My plan is to trace all the blocks for hand embroidery before I begin stitching so I can just do one after the other.

I did have a set back while tracing the patterns onto the tone on tone fabric, the fabric was so rough it wore down my micron pen nib so I decided to just use unbleached muslin, which I was originally planning because I can see the tracing on the fabric better, and I had enough on hand. I think if I went a head with the other fabric, stitching may have been difficult.

So anyway, the first 3 blocks are traced with 9 more to go, it takes about forty minutes or so to trace each block depending on the details.

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