Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tomorrow's Blue Moon and some autumn patterns

Full moons always seem powerful to me, I feel deeply creative and intensely magical during this time, when we have a blue moon, which happens when two full moons occur in the same month, I believe we are empowered more than ever.

The blue moon, which will not happen again until 2018, will illuminate the sky Friday. During this time why not take the opportunity to be illuminated as brightly as the moon, be energized, radiate and glow.

Tomorrow I am going to attend a small gathering for a little magical stitching and I have just the items I want to work on.
This sweet acorn pattern above and the lovely little pumpkin pattern below were both purchased from Prairie Point Junction and I thought they would make a lovely addition to my home during the upcoming autumn holidays.
My idea was to use a single motif for napkins, tea towels and peraps a place mat or table topper, this in addition to the actual pattern project.  I think the ring of motifs would look nice as a candle mat on an altar or perhaps even an altar cloth.  

Tonight I need to trace the hand embroidery motifs onto the fabric so I can bring them along tomorrow for our gathering.

What do you have planned for this July's Blue Moon?

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