Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tomorrow's Blue Moon and some autumn patterns

Full moons always seem powerful to me, I feel deeply creative and intensely magical during this time, when we have a blue moon, which happens when two full moons occur in the same month, I believe we are empowered more than ever.

The blue moon, which will not happen again until 2018, will illuminate the sky Friday. During this time why not take the opportunity to be illuminated as brightly as the moon, be energized, radiate and glow.

Tomorrow I am going to attend a small gathering for a little magical stitching and I have just the items I want to work on.
This sweet acorn pattern above and the lovely little pumpkin pattern below were both purchased from Prairie Point Junction and I thought they would make a lovely addition to my home during the upcoming autumn holidays.
My idea was to use a single motif for napkins, tea towels and peraps a place mat or table topper, this in addition to the actual pattern project.  I think the ring of motifs would look nice as a candle mat on an altar or perhaps even an altar cloth.  

Tonight I need to trace the hand embroidery motifs onto the fabric so I can bring them along tomorrow for our gathering.

What do you have planned for this July's Blue Moon?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Crafting Witches and Reading challenge Update

I have all of the Hocuspocusville Witch themed blocks traced onto fabric and will begin hand embroidering the blocks later today.  I was surprised at how quickly I was able to trace all the blocks once I sat down and found my groove.

Over the next few weeks I have a few other Witch quilt patterns to start, the process of tracing the embroidery blocks, to piecing the appliques should keep me quite busy for the next few months.  Here is a look at some of the patterns I will be working.
I think these will make a nice addition to my growing Witch collection, and I hope will give me more experience doing hand applique.

Here is my update on the books I have reading for the 2015 Witches & Witchraft reading challenge.

I choose Crone Level which is 16-20 books, I'm happy to say I reached my Crone level and passed it reading 27.

Here are the Books I have read so far this year:

The Penguin book of Witches Katherine Howe
The Wizard and the Witch John C. Sulak

by Lenora Henson
The Wicked Garden
The Witches of Snyder Farm
Aurora's Wake

by Dolores Stewart Riccio
Circle of Five
Charmed Circle
The Divine Circle of Ladies Making Mischief
The Divine Circle of Ladies Courting Trouble
The Divine Circle of Ladies Playing with Fire
The Divine Circle of Ladies Rocking the Boat
The Divine Circle of Ladies Tipping the Scales
The Divine Circle of Ladies Painting the Town
The Divine Circle of Ladies Digging the Dirt

By M R Sellars (Rowan Gant Series)
Harm None
Never Burn a Witch
Perfect Trust
The Law of Three
Crone's Moon
Love is the Bond
All Acts of Pleasure
The End of Desire
Blood Moon

Spellbooked by Joyce and Jim Lavene

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katharine Howe

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Preparing for some witchy stitching

Today is one of those days where everything comes together and I can spend a few hours, if not the entire day indulging in some me time.

I am anxious to get some hand stitching on the Hocuspocusville blocks started so today I managed to trace 3 of the blocks.
potting shed
bubble and brew
My plan is to trace all the blocks for hand embroidery before I begin stitching so I can just do one after the other.

I did have a set back while tracing the patterns onto the tone on tone fabric, the fabric was so rough it wore down my micron pen nib so I decided to just use unbleached muslin, which I was originally planning because I can see the tracing on the fabric better, and I had enough on hand. I think if I went a head with the other fabric, stitching may have been difficult.

So anyway, the first 3 blocks are traced with 9 more to go, it takes about forty minutes or so to trace each block depending on the details.