Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Summer Solstice

The first day of summer brings me back to my childhood days of eagerly waiting for the last school bell to ring signaling the end of the school year and endless days of sunshine, tree climbing, berry picking, trips to the beach, chasing fireflies, skinned knees and playing outdoors with every kid in the neighborhood from dawn till dark.

While I may no longer get those skinned knees or play outdoors from dawn til dark, I do take trips to the beach, I'd chase fireflies if there were any here in Florida.  I do spend as much time outdoors as possible, though usually in the early part of the day to beat the summer heat most of my playing outside the gym or frolicking at the beach is with needle and thread or a good book both of which give me as much pleasure as those activities I did as a child.

My latest projects from the hand embroidery over the recent weeks are my winter goddess, though it didn't turn out as I planned I do like how she looks.
I had meant to stitch her using mostly blues, white and silvery gray and just a touch of green and red for the flowers she is stitched on a snowflake printed pale blue fabric,  but as I stitched her I changed my initial plan of stitching the swirls in blues and gray choosing to use green instead.  I'm happy with the overall results.

One of my current projects is the Zenbroidery Peace Symbol kit I purchase a few months ago.  I am using mostly variegated floss this is my progress so far.  I am slowly stitching this in between other
projects which brings me to the other project I am working on The Summer of Love stitch at home challenge I signed up for in May.
I chose a whiter shade of pale colors provided by DMC, once they arrived I had to decide where they would work best in my design.  Knowing myself as I do I know I would tweak the design several times before I began stitching.  
As you can see I did finally get started on the stitching and believe me when I tell you this took me quite a while to stitch. I'm happy I like it so far.  
I am planning to take the challenge piece along with my on vacation so I can make the August deadline. I'll be at the beach so I'll need to sand proof my work and tools. I don't stitch daily as I would like to because something like sore fingers or housework tends to get in the way.  On days when my allergies kick up a notch my eyes water all day so I can't really see well enough to stitch. And some days I'm just not in the mood to stitch.

On the days when I don't feel like stitching I will either read or do some other form of needle work, usually crochet.
I purchased the Playa Ruana pattern last month from a store online called Two of Wands, I just lose the soft flow it appears to have.  I plan to use my shawl in a ball yarn hoping to get a light airy look. I don't normally crochet in the summer time but this pattern just called to me.
Last week I picked up a few books to take along on vacation, I went in search of a beach read and came home with a short stack of books.
The book on the bottom is the one I had in mind to purchase the others were just happy surprises. I love cozy mysteries and I have wanted to read the E.J. Copperman series because they take place in New Jersey, if you didn't know it I moved to Florida from NJ 20 odd years ago and still consider it home.   The Beach Bags and Burglaries I'll take with me on vacation too along with a magazine or two.

I have also started planning a little Halloween quilting project which I will begin some time in July and once I have all the fabrics chosen. 
Have a warm and happy Summer Solstice